​Jumpers and Jazz in July began in 2004 inspired by the Warwick Art Gallery's idea to personalize the cold winter streets with textile art wrapped around our bare winter trees.


The quirky “tree jumper” project captured the imagination of the local community and the event grew into the ten day arts festival that we now enjoy. Lovely traditional textile crafts such as crochet, felting, dollmaking and weaving have prospered as a result of being applied in a popular contemporary context. Recycled materials are also used with wonderful creativity and cleverness.​

Warwick Art Gallery continues to manage the yarn bombed tree exhibition.  In 2020 the exhibition starts on Thursday 16 July and continues until Sunday 26 July.

Anyone can enter and many locals put on their artistic hat for this one event every year.  It is a wonderful way to add to your festival experience - become a tree jumper artist!

Warwick Art Gallery also coordinates an annual collaborative yarnbombing project for Jumpers and Jazz in July, created by the Yarntopians team. All of their creations are stunning, however none has created more attention and excitement worldwide as the fabulous KNITCHEN of 2014. This magical artwork replicated a quirky country kitchen and it was made entirely from knitted, crochet, wrapped and felted elements.  Other projects created by the team include a yarnbombed VW Beetle (2010), Warwick Art Gallery walkway (2011), The Woollow Tree and Petal the golf cart (2015), Yarntopia (2016), The Travelling Ravellers (2017), Home Sweet Home (2018) and Off the Grid (2019).


The Yarntopians team have another awesome project underway for 2020.  Click the "Join the Team" button above for more information.  This link will take you to the Warwick Art Gallery website.  The team coordinator is Warwick Art Gallery Assistant Loretta Grayson.  You can email her at loretta.grayson@sdrc.qld.gov.au for information.

Tree Jumper Exhibition


Registrations for the Warwick Art Gallery

2020 Tree Jumper exhibition and competition are open now! Click here for information.



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