In December 2016 the Jumpers and Jazz in July Advisory Team was formally set up as a not for profit incorporated association. The festival is now entirely community funded and run.  


We invite anyone who has the ideas and the motivation to support the growth and sustainability of this treasured community festival to become members of Jumpers and Jazz in July Inc.  Membership is only $5. Members can also nominate for a position on our Management Committee.

2020/21 Jumpers and Jazz in July Inc. Management Committee:

President: Nancy DePrada

Secretary: Carol Sternberg

Treasurer: Gail Bulmer

Events Coordinator: Pam Burley

Media/Marketing Coordinator: Bette Bonney

Committee Members: Karen Gilchrist, Sandy Gordon  

ph. 0492979870   

PO Box 1264 Warwick Queensland 4370

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